Until I put together a better layout, here's what's here:


• drawings I did as a kid: one pre-K, two early grade school, three late grade school (click for larger images)







• drawing I did in college (left: scan of a photo of drawing/poem, approx. size of photo; right: image portion of scan as uploaded ca. 1998)



• animated .GIF I made for my old memoirs website, ca. 1998



• pen-and-ink drawing made of friend's coffee cup's logo in Cleveland music studio, ca. 2003 (then morphed into something different in Photoshop)


geometric abstraction of a woman's face ca. 2004 or so



• some individual pics from my storyboard, and a scan of one of the working sheets f/ Chapter 0

(frame 46)

(frame 49)

(frame 100)

(frame 138)

(frame 162)