Materials related to [a volume 1 of] some memoirs I've written. Purely unintentionally, the first volume seems to make me and my friends look good and assorted other people look bad. As I more-or-less wizened-up one former employer: "I just try to objectively chronicle events of interest as they inexorably unfold."




• pic of an old Excel graph I used, to keep track of progress and to balance in-progress pages across all 16 chapters

x-axis: chapters (#'d "hexicly")

y-axis: # of pages (as then-current)



• below: early frontispiece (ca. '97) w/ pseudonym

• right: early back cover experiment (ca. 1997-98)




• screenshot of an old phone display showing the icon for an Android app version I created (for vol. 1)
  click on the icon to download the app (and, you'll need to temporarily allow installs from Unknown Sources)



you can also download vol. 1 as
PDF files (.zip renamed to .doc)



• screenshot of the old .exe file I made (with Macromedia Director) as an experiment (ca. 1997-98)
  click here to download the file, preprop2.["doc"]
  notes: (a) here it's a .doc file extension, rename to .exe after download; (b) req's Compatibility Mode (95, XP);
  (c) as *Cj* might say: "This is not a trick (you can trust me)."; (d) here's an article w/ information on changing filetype extensions




• screenshot: two examples of numereous weird artifacts related to storyline
  (stuff useful for a film, like as props, or datestamped documents which can inform chronological arranging)





• On the Drawing Board (planned): reconstruct of original Javascript pages with direct Chapter/Page navigation