I've never been great at musicking. Sadly, I've occasionally been surrounded by friends who are and who point out that I'm not. But when I hung out at a friend's studio in Cleveland for too long, I was "gravelly" (heh) informed that I had a good singing voice and that if I expected to keep hanging around I should pick up a mike and do backup vocals. Early on I worked up a first good song of my own, we recorded it and called it something — but that one got lost in the shuffle. The only song I currently find is a short (0:24) (Twamblin') chuckler that I made Pete record at the end of a long day. I may yet be able to find some more examples of stuff from the old days, but I'll definitely try to post original new stuff here. For now, I'm just adding my personal playlist and links to songs from friends who [seriously] recorded at the Apartment One Studio in Cleveland. I can also probably dig up some material from old blogs wherein I wrote about fun times with music while I was in Ohio. I've set up a basic page on Reverbnation. Might as well, since Pete encouraged me so much and even listed me as one of his many friends & colleagues there.


[MP3] Twamblin'  (also posted at my Reverb page)


Recently I've experimented with a few short a cappella ditties, posted on Facebook (MP4 blacked-out vid since FB disallows MP3). I think I killed them for now, but that is the type of thing I intend to post here and on Reverb. As far as stuff like Mixcloud, Spotify, etc. that's for real musicians like Bernie, and Adam, and Ben, and everybody else I know who's good; I harbor no illusions about ever becoming an A-Lister, Vegas Lounge Act, or what have you.


 • songs recorded by friends at Apartment One, in one or more of which I may've even emitted a background grunt:
    (note: the songs below are also listed at the Apartment One page on Reverbnation)


 Peter Ball, in the old Apartment One studio

Peter Ball, old Apartment One studio (pic of vid on TV)


[MP3] Sluggard (music/lyrics: Peter Ball; my favorite Apartment One song)

[MP3] Wet With You (music/lyrics: Peter Ball; featuring my brother Ben on lead guitar)

[MP3] Takin' The Lead (music: Scott Connors and Peter Ball; lyrics: Scott Connors; Connors on lead vocals)

[MP3] End of the Beginning (music by Peter Ball, lyrics by Scott Brotherton; Brotherton on lead vocals)

[MP3] Oil in the Soil (music by Peter Ball, lyrics by Scott Brotherton; Brotherton on lead vocals)

[MP3] Bonus Track: Regurgitate (Scott Connors and Peter Ball; lyrics and lead vocals: Connors)
  (this tune dates back to circa 1980 or so, possibly even earlier when they were known as The Basiks) (:
  and I'm thinking it might be a nice way to intro a movie scene someday, one which takes place back then


My Playlist (mobile) hasn't changed in years ("lazy evaluation"). I do these (et al.) on a Sony Cordless Walkman:

  Can't Cry These Tears Anymore
  Dangerous Girl
  She Talks About Love
  Big Deal
  Carmella (Beth Orton; but, it's the Four Tet remix)
  6 Underground
  Springtime in Paris
  So Like A Rose
  The Way That I Want To Touch You
  Straight Up
  Dancing Queen
  Knowing Me, Knowing You
  End of The Beginning
  Deadbeat Club
  (stay tuned / more to follow)