From 2003-2008 I published two companion blogs (archived; domain ownership now expired) primarily sub nom. “Robosoldiers” and “Continuous Leeks”. These blogs were written using a blogging program called RogBlog (a PERL script created by Roger Schlafly). I got permission to introduce some small customizations to RogBlog for my own use. I eventually decided to mirror the blogs on a mirror site (redundantly hosted at a separate domain), but since this was an art project I decided that the mirrored blogs should be what I called “tru-mirror” — viz., horizontal (left-right) mirrors of the original designs. Not perfect mirrors; some of the menu/masthead graphics, and all of the text, was not reversed. My “day job” was webmaster somewhere. I hung out at my friend’s music studio.

Content-wise, I posted 100+ entries per month covering a bewildering panoply of topics ranging from coding arcanae to military history to modern art. Many posts reveal a formerly strong conservative political bent. In my leisure time, I tested-out code by making art sites (like one about Shirley Manson I recently recoded here).

Here’s what I wound up with (pics of mastheads, and some content posted on the day I haphazardly took these screenshots for unknown future use):


(above) One of the misc. sidebar widgets used in my blogs (of many); I'll try to describe more of them here later: this was an early “geo-counter” which displayed all of the blog visitors’ locations from places around the world (real-time)


 hyperbolic site tree

screenshot of blogmap (hyperbolic site tree; Java-based) I designed using Inxight StarTree Studio
Here's an article written in 2000 about the relative efficiency of site navigation with hyperbolic site trees

Robosoldiers blog (main site):


Continuous Leeks blog (main site):

 continuous leeks

Robosoldiers blog (“tru-mirror” site):

 robosoldiers (tru-mirror)

Continuous Leeks blog (“tru-mirror” site):

 continuous leeks (tru-mirror)

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