UPDATE 010720: NEW! – two tracings I did last year (2019) to oil-paint this year


Here are some illustrations etc. which I was able to cobble together between 1965 and present day (exception: the monkey wrench drawing was done by a friend of mine). I’ve never thought of myself as being particularly skilled in the graphic arts compared to people I’ve known. Most of my skill has been earned in creative writing (e.g., memoirs, poetry, and a film script nobody wanted); legal research and writing (e.g. litigation documents, patent applications); and technical writing (e.g., computer coursebooks). I’ve done some technical drawings which appear in U.S. patents and patent applications (mine and others’); they’re listed on my Patents/I.P. page.


• below: drawings I did as a kid: one pre-K, two early grade school, three late grade school (click for actual size)

 • below: drawing(s) from my college days (portait of Katie M.)
    left: drawing/poem photo scan (scanned text illegible), approx. actual size; right: image on my memoirs website ca. 1998

• below: photo of crayon/paint portrait of Isabella Rosselini,
    1986 (chip gouge in hair, slight smudge on face, grid lines
    showing beneath neck; ready to be restored/touched-up).
    I did this one while summering on Cape Cod that year.

• below: showing off my collector’s eye (this one’s not by me)

From 1987. Done by a friend, an art student I roomed with during my 1L year at law school. He writes:

“So cool to see that again. Acid-free archival paper is why it still looks good. I loved setting that still life up. Strong lines of the wrench laid onto and twisted into some lightweight canvas to create dynamic tension. And pencil! Some of my best student work.”

• below: animated GIF on my old memoirs site ca. 1998

• below: colorization (ca. ’98), B&W photo of Jill S. found on the web

Early color-cycling experiment I did to put something snazzy up on an old website. I used a graphics program to render the photo image into a bunch of different color schemes. Then I used a commercial Java applet to produce an animative “color-cycler” applet which displayed the images sequentially at a customizable rate of speed (within browsers that supported Java). The original applet no longer works with newer Java interpreters, so I used Javascript to reproduce the image cycling. For this version I cleaned-up the image backgrounds. Click on the pic to see images cycle.

• below: geometric abstraction, woman’s face, ca. ’04

• below: frantic sketch, Reese’s® logo f/ Peter Ball’s coffee cup ca. 2004

I liked her face so much when I was drawing the old Reese’s logo in Photoshop (based on my frantic sketch at right), I decided I had to change the sketch into something about her.

 • below: photo of the actual coffee cup

 • below: what I finally ended up with after playing around in Photoshop

Sketched while hanging out with Peter. I eventually got him to let me trade him something for the prized coffee cup. He liked one of my own coffee cups, a gift from a Mrs. Jameson when I worked for she & Dr. Jameson in Princeton, NJ; that one bore an Egyptian hieroglyphic design. We swapped.

Lost track of it for awhile, finally tore my place apart and found it buried in an old ceramic urn. I cleaned it vigorously with soap & water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and Everclear®. Then I had to give it to a woman named Paige.

• below: some individual pics from my storyboard, and a scan of one of the working sheets from Chapter 0

(frame 46)

(frame 49)

(frame 100)

(frame 138)

(frame 162)

• below: two tracings I did last year (2019) to oil-paint this year, both reproduced in reduced size here

(tracing 1)

(tracing 2)


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