Materials related to [a volume 1 of] some memoirs I’ve written. Purely unintentionally, the first volume seems to make me and various friends through the years look good and assorted other people look bad. As I more-or-less wizened-up one former employer during the initial hiring interview: “I just try to objectively chronicle events of interest as they inexorably unfold.” In that sense being a memoirist is similar to being a journalist. ⛿

• pic of an old Excel graph I used, late ’90s, to
  balance in-progress pages across the chapters

x-axis: chapters (#’d “hexicly”)

y-axis: # of pages (as then-current)

• below: early frontispiece (ca. ’97) w/ pseudonym

• below: early back cover experiment (ca. 1997-98)

upside-down Kekulé structure (on old just-for-fun sample back cover, at right) is of a THC molecule -»

• below: screenshot, part of an old phone display showing the icon for an Android app version I created (for vol. 1)
  click on the icon to download the app (you may need to allow your device to install from Unknown Sources)
  or, simply download the PDF files

«— click in circle for app (Android devices)

you can also download vol. 1 as PDF files (.zip archive, renamed to .doc)

notes below explain why I would rename a .zip archive file as a .doc file

• below: screenshot of the old .exe file I made (with Macromedia Director) as an experiment ca. 1997-98

click here to download the file, preprop2.[“doc”]


(a) it’s a .doc file; just rename it to an .exe after download

(b) req’s Compatibility Mode (95, XP)

(c) “This is not a trick.”

(d) article: information on changing filetype extensions

• below: screenshot, two examples of numereous weird artifacts related to storyline
  (stuff useful for a film, like as props, or datestamped documents which can inform chronological arranging)

• below: starts on 8 different chapters, proposed second volume of memoirs (a Page One of each; click for larger pics)


• On the Ol’ Drawing Board (planned): reconstruct of original Volume 1 pages with direct Chapter/Page navigation

page last updated: 03-20-2021