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From 1995-2003, I created some “art websites”. Meaning: (a) no ad revenue; and (b) rather than using a web page to showcase art from a different media, the operant idea is that the web page is a unique type of canvas. To scratch but the surface: there were lots of different browser types, operating systems, and screen sizes with which to deal. Add to that the general rule about nontriviality, and pretty soon the implementations can start to get complicated. Some folks started writing a lot of code just to ensure as much cross-browser consistency as possible. Some things were possible with some browsers, but not others. To that, add: Edginess. Back in the day, there was a lot of uncertainty about what you could, and couldn’t do, legally, on web sites (e.g., parody defense to trademark dilution claims; Copyright “Fair Use”; First Amendment free speech; etc.) There was a lot of confusion for awhile there, early on, as to whether you could even link to another site without getting permission. 2018: After blogs (’03-’08) & soc-med, I finally found a lady to create more web art about. ⛿

• below: my first home page, ca. 1995-97 (screenshot size reduced; image element missing; old e-mail removed)

page at Internet Archive:

below: an old Home Page ca. 1997-99 (splash graphic was adapted for me by John Wylie, a former colleague)
page at Internet Archive:

• below: another old Home Page of mine, ca. 2000-03
(“Mars Landscape seen from spaceship viewport” was a Java voxel map ... mousing simulated surface overflight)
The map was part of of a free applet I downloaded. I integrated it by designing/coding a viewport container object.

page at Internet Archive:

below: my old Memoirs Page (linked-to from my Home Page versions 2.0, 3.0 ca. 1997-2003)

• below: screenshots (reduced) f/ my old experimental site [fox2news-dot-com] ’00-’01 (site eventually relinquished)
page(s) at Internet Archive: (nope ... information was probably scrubbed)

one of my “deep link” easter-egg pages, w/
an unauthorized likeness of a desperately
beautiful journalist who’d caught my eye,
fake “under construction” box = sliding door

Body Glove® image distributed
on their site, free to webmasters
who provided a link to their site
(I made mine animated ... heh)

early splash page, functional yet puzzling ...
there were five different Channel 2 affiliate
stations, so I cordially provided link for each

(a later-modded improved version of above)

detail: “embossed stamp” meant
to replicate the style of old WW2
“Occupied Japan” item markings

Speaking of Japan ... here’s a different FOX2 reporter, describing a 2001 near-collision between U.S. and Chinese aircraft. Except he was jabbering excitedly, and erroneously reported it was a Japanese plane instead of a Chinese one. Maybe he was thinkin’ WW2.

another deep link easter-egg page
• assorted pages and documents:

early page


early page


recoded fragment
click on her nose

later page


later page


detail from above
(wait for it)


letter, FOX legal


news f/ Detroit


business card

FOIA response

FOX News personnel trained some media technology on me (see here). So, I trained some media technology on FOX.

• below: screenshots of some of my old parody cartoons of Fox News ca. 2002-03

several screens

My original Macromedia Shockwave (.swf) files modded for web with Afterburner, re-coded to DHTML for newer browsers / mobile devices. Click button (upper left) for screenshots, or click on the pic to see the whole enchiladas.

Shockwave was an old animation app that evolved into Flash. I learned a little Flash by doing this art project (TV set pink button switched captions; menu switched to next parodied broadcast). I added the paper airplane, tomato, and egg (objects which fly across/at the TV screen) later with DHTML. I decided I could just use DHTML for the whole thing, ended up scrapping Shockwave (which was always more for making stuff like tweening animations anyway).

below: reduced-size screenshot of my original Shirley Manson Fan Page (ca. 2003) ... here’s a recoded *magic page*
re-vamped version of original (or click on the pic) ... here’s a cheezy old cheapy pic of my s·h·i·r·l·e·y·s·h·r·i·n·e

• below: reduced-size screenshot, last art site I did (’04) before transitioning to blogging (I published 2 blogs ’03 - ’08)

Internet Archive copy (note: old code; minor text-scrunching in archival copy when viewed in newer browsers)

never mind

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