At WHDB, I prepared abstracts of misc. refereed scientific and/or technical journal articles (English, and English translations) in the fields of Physical and Chemical Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Marine Engineering, and related disciplines. Part-time job I held for a year prior to my entering law school. The abstracts were published each month in Deep Sea Research, Oceanographic Literature Review (Part B) © 1988 Pergamon Press, London (available at DSR Archives 1988–89, archive now managed by Elsevier on the ScienceDirect site).

note: WHDB = “Woods Hole Data Base”; back then, “data base” (spelled with two words) was more common than it is nowadays


• old cover (DSR)


What I wrote about WHDB in my memoirs:

Toward the end of the summer I picked up an interesting second gig to supplement my measly income from the library. Woods Hole Data Base, where I would “abstract” scientific articles for Frank and Susan, the editors. Frank saw me stacking some books in the library one day, he was one of our regular customers and we chatted for a few, and he talked about giving me an extra part-time job writing Oceanography abstracts for a data base he published. This would consist of reading a bunch of Oceanography journal articles each month, and boiling them down to a few paragraphs so that they could be published in a journal called Deep Sea Research. The abstracts let scientists quickly scan the gist of the articles from all the journals, so they could make a quick determination as to whether they should assay the entire piece.


• below: screenshot of a (more recent) journal, of the type I used to abstract (from English translations)


• below: map of Woods Hole (where I used to ride my bike to work)



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