Adaptive Anti-Laser System
(Filed as USPTO Provisional Application 63027865)
Inventor: Jonathan R. Burdick
Date of USPTO filing: May 20, 2020
Date of this publication: May 21, 2020


A method for protection of inflight aircraft during approaching-to-landing and
takeoff/climbout phases of flight against handheld laser attacks includes two different drone types:
a skeining drone and a swarming drone. One or more skeining drones are deployed close to the
aircraft and/or one or more swarming drones are deployed further from the aircraft and closer to
the beam source. Prior to the aircraft’s traversal of a determinable approach point, a plurality of
swarming drones are pre-deployed in loitering mode or else launched, and are subsequently
directed toward the reckoned source of a trained beam while skeining drones are pre-deployed in
a patrol mode or else launched, and fly closer to the aircraft. The skein classically shields the
cockpit by flying a controlled interference pattern roughly parallel to the aircraft flightpath while
the swarm saturates one or more determined and dynamically redetermined regions athwart the
beam source location.


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