(Intended for Filing as a USPTO Provisional Application)
Inventor: Jonathan R. Burdick
Date of USPTO filing: (Intended for Spring 2021)
Original date of this publication: October 11, 2018


An apparatus for and method of training personnel to guard themselves against vehicular ramming attacks, such method including use of a human-operable semiautonomous 
or autonomous training vehicle which outwardly resembles a typical COTS vehicle.  The frontal portion of the training vehicle safely collapses upon sustaining typical 
impact forces produced by a controlled crash with objects having a mass on the order of an average adult pedestrian.  Different embodiments of the training vehicle are 
pedal-driven and/or powered by electric battery.  Events characteristic of the the level of situational awareness of trainer and trainee personnel practicing the present 
invention may be recorded, analyzed, and audited. 

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