I work on patent applications now as an inventor and as a contractor. Most of my work involves prosecution assistance (Responses to PTO Office Actions). I have also done a fair amount of litigation assistance, mostly dozens of claim charts and a few patent trees. Besides patent language work, I've also worked on ancillary matters like Drawings and I.P. Markings; three trademark matters (athletic league name; cannabis-themed name; and one regarding my application for "Propeller Head"); and a domain name dispute. All work was for licensed attorneys (as clients) or for myself only. Much of my patent work has involved software algorithms. Click here to see the first computer-related job I ever had.

Prior art searches:

•  Portable Animal Shelter


•  Fishing Tackle

•  Electronic Musical Device


•  Coupon Generator

•  Aerobic Exercise Equipment


•  Orthopedic Footwear

•  Musical Instrument Accessory


•  Waterproof Container

•  Lithium Battery Technology


•  Athletic/Sports Bra

•  Travel Pillow Accessory


•  Wire Fencing Method

•  Safety Razor (for FTO opinion)


•  Insect Removal Device

•  Valve Guard Device


•  Sprinkler Riser Pipe

•  Clothes Dryer Apparatus


•  Solar Panel Tree

•  Transdermal Patch


•  Lift Assist Device

•  Rotary Trowel Attachment


•  Rotary Speed Control

•  Vehicle Safety Device


•  Food Processing Device


Provisional applications I've reviewed:

•  8,261,484 (as issued) (fishing tackle)

•  8,255,532 (as issued) (footwear)


Provisional applications/drafts (as Inventor)

• Security Camera Networking (# 62/719,685)
  (sole named inventor)

• Crumple-Car (submitted for review and filing)
  (sole named inventor)

• J'adoube™ adaptive anti-laser system (in draft)


Patents:   9,558,636 (sole named inventor)

               10,068,437    "       "             "

Patent drawings:

•  9,558,636, Automatic Teller Machine Inventory and Distribution System

•  2008/0282360, Activation Code System and Method for Preventing Software Piracy

•  2010/0325446, Securing Executable Code Integrity Using Auto-Derivative Key

•  9,633,183, Modular Software Protection

Patent Application prosecutions:
 note: some work product (not listed below) has been performed on matters marked "Not available for public inspection" in USPTO database

Filing Date Identifier Title
09-28-15 9,558,636 Automatic Teller Machine Inventory and Distribution System
10-31-14 9,294,491 Device-Specific Content Delivery
03-04-14 2014/0310404 Shared State Among Multiple Devices
02-24-14 9,414,199 Predictive Delivery of Information Based on Device History
10-09-13 2014/0189055 Migration of Usage Sessions Between Devices
08-07-13 2013/0325527 System and Method for Preventing Multiple Online Purchases
07-17-13 2014/0032280 Employee Performance Evaluation
07-17-13 2014/0030687 Including Usage Data to Improve Computer-Based Testing of Aptitude
03-15-13 9,286,466 Registration and Authentication of Computing Devices Using a Digital Skeleton Key
01-16-13 2013/0212693 Anonymous Whistle Blower System with Reputation Reporting of Anonymous Whistle Blower
01-16-13 2013/0211917 Local Area Advertisement Management
01-16-13 8,521,874 Computer-Based Comparison of Human Individuals
01-04-13 2013/0174228 Method and System for Implementing Zone-Restricted Behavior of a Computing Device
01-04-13 9,564,952 Near Field Authentication through Communication of Enclosed Content Sound Waves
12-07-12 2013/0191316 Using the Software and Hardware Configurations of a Networked Computer to Infer the User's Demographic
10-22-12 2013/0117390 Local Area Social Networking
09-17-12 9,571,492 Hardware Identification through Cookies
08-16-12 8,515,820 Automated Pricing System
10-13-10 8,726,407 Authentication of Computing and Communications Hardware
10-13-10 8,316,421 System and Method for Device Communication with Built-In Tolerance
06-18-10 2010/0332319 Methods and Systems for Dynamic Serving of Advertisements in a Game or Virtual Reality
06-18-10 2010/0332320 Systems and Methods for Providing Conditional Authorization to Operate Licensed Software
06-10-10 8,736,462 System and Method for Traffic Information Delivery
06-10-10 9,047,450 Identification of Embedded System Devices
06-02-10 2010/0325446 Securing Executable Code Integrity Using Auto-Derivative Key
05-20-10 9,633,183 Modular Software Protection
05-20-10 2010/0323790 Devices and Methods for Auditing and Enforcing Computer Game Licenses
05-20-10 8,423,473 Systems and Methods for Game Activation
05-20-10 2010/0324983 System and Method for Media Distribution on Social Networks
05-20-10 9,047,458 Network Access Protection
02-10-10 8,838,976 Web Content Access Using a Client Device Identifier
12-09-09 8,855,083 Inter-Access Network Handover
03-04-09 8,243,723 System and Method for Instant VOIP Messaging

Trademark Applications (links are to external sites)

•  [mark for a type of medicine dispensary software] (product descriptor, registration pending)

•  Interscholastic Equestrian League

•  Propeller Head (filed pro se; mark failed to issue because USPTO simply got the Internet wrong)


Miscellany / Other

Not looking for work these days, unless to negotiate rights for my memoirs and movie script.

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