I work on patent applications now as an inventor and as a contractor. Most of my work involves prosecution assistance (Responses to PTO Office Actions). I have also done a fair amount of litigation assistance, mostly dozens of claim charts and a few patent trees. Besides patent language work, I’ve also worked on ancillary matters like Drawings and I.P. Markings; trademark matters (athletic league name; cannabis-themed name; TV game show; my application for “Propeller Head”); and a domain name dispute. All work was for licensed attorneys (as clients) or for myself. Much of this work has involved knowledge of software algorithms. Here’s the first computer-related job I ever had.

Provisional Applications reviewed:

•  8,261,484 (as issued) (fishing tackle)
•  8,255,532 (as issued) (footwear)

Provisionals/Applications (as Inventor):

• FinAccount Time-Ranger (intended provisional filing 2021)

• Adaptive Anti-Laser System US Appl. # 20210365052 (May 20, 2021)

• Camping Fire-Jug US Appl. # 17/381,176 (July 20, 2021)

• Crumple-Car (intended provisional filing 2021)

• Security Camera Networking (62/719,685) (abandoned)

Patents (as Inventor):  

  9,558,636 (sole named inventor)
10,068,437    "     "             "

Prior Art searches (other than for my own applications):

•  Portable Animal Shelter
•  Travel Pillow Accessory
•  Safety Razor (for FTO opinion)
•  Valve Guard Device
•  Clothes Dryer Apparatus
•  Transdermal Patch
•  Rotary Trowel Attachment
•  Lithium Battery Technology
•  Fish Transport System
•  Welding Control Technology
•  Portable Drink Container
•  Casual Footwear (type: Design)

•  Fishing Tackle
•  Wire Fencing Method
•  Insect Removal Device
•  Sprinkler Riser Pipe
•  Solar Panel Tree
•  Lift Assist Device
•  Rotary Speed Control
•  Food Processing Device
•  Tank Fuel Refill Method
•  Engine/Regeneration System
•  Abs Exercise Apparatus
•  Potato Processor Technology

•  Vehicle Safety Device
•  Coupon Generator
•  Orthopedic Footwear
•  Waterproof Container
•  Athletic/Sports Bra
•  Electronic Musical Device
•  Aerobic Exercise Equipment
•  Musical Instrument Accessory
•  Interactive TV Game Show
•  Mixing/Spraying Device
•  Abrasive Grinding Technology

Patent Drawings:

•  9,558,636, Automatic Teller Machine Inventory and Distribution System
•  2008/0282360, Activation Code System and Method for Preventing Software Piracy
•  2010/0325446, Securing Executable Code Integrity Using Auto-Derivative Key
•  9,633,183, Modular Software Protection
•  I have also drawn all of the figures in each of my own provisional and nonprovisional applications.

Patent Applications (prosecution support):

 note: some work (not listed below) has been on matters marked “Not available for public inspection” at USPTO

Filing Date Identifier Title
07-16-2018 10,397,405 System and Method for Aggregating and Providing Audio and Visual Presentations via a Computer Network
11-16-2015 10,614,365 Method and Apparatus for Managing Recommendation Models
09-28-2015 9,558,636 Automatic Teller Machine Inventory and Distribution System
10-31-2014 9,294,491 Device-Specific Content Delivery
03-04-2014 10,306,467 Shared State Among Multiple Devices
02-24-2014 9,414,199 Predictive Delivery of Information Based on Device History
10-09-2013 2014/0189055 Migration of Usage Sessions Between Devices
08-07-2013 10,402,893 System and Method for Preventing Multiple Online Purchases
07-17-2013 2014/0032280 Employee Performance Evaluation
07-17-2013 2014/0030687 Including Usage Data to Improve Computer-Based Testing of Aptitude
03-15-2013 9,286,466 Registration and Authentication of Computing Devices Using a Digital Skeleton Key
01-16-2013 2013/0212693 Anonymous Whistle Blower System with Reputation Reporting of Anonymous Whistle Blower
01-16-2013 2013/0211917 Local Area Advertisement Management
01-16-2013 8,521,874 Computer-Based Comparison of Human Individuals
01-04-2013 10,206,060 Method and System for Implementing Zone-Restricted Behavior of a Computing Device
01-04-2013 9,564,952 Near Field Authentication through Communication of Enclosed Content Sound Waves
12-07-2012 2013/0191316 Using the Software and Hardware Configurations of a Networked Computer to Infer the User's Demographic
10-22-2012 10,637,820 Local Area Social Networking
09-17-2012 9,571,492 Hardware Identification through Cookies
08-16-2012 8,515,820 Automated Pricing System
10-13-2010 8,726,407 Authentication of Computing and Communications Hardware
10-13-2010 8,316,421 System and Method for Device Communication with Built-In Tolerance
06-18-2010 2010/0332319 Methods and Systems for Dynamic Serving of Advertisements in a Game or Virtual Reality
06-18-2010 2010/0332320 Systems and Methods for Providing Conditional Authorization to Operate Licensed Software
06-10-2010 8,736,462 System and Method for Traffic Information Delivery
06-10-2010 9,047,450 Identification of Embedded System Devices
06-02-2010 2010/0325446 Securing Executable Code Integrity Using Auto-Derivative Key
05-20-2010 9,633,183 Modular Software Protection
05-20-2010 2010/0323790 Devices and Methods for Auditing and Enforcing Computer Game Licenses
05-20-2010 8,423,473 Systems and Methods for Game Activation
05-20-2010 2010/0324983 System and Method for Media Distribution on Social Networks
05-20-2010 9,047,458 Network Access Protection
02-10-2010 8,838,976 Web Content Access Using a Client Device Identifier
12-09-2009 8,855,083 Inter-Access Network Handover
03-04-2009 8,243,723 System and Method for Instant VOIP Messaging


Trademark Applications (links are to external sites)

•  [mark for a type of cannabis medicine dispensary software] (product descriptor, registration pending)
•  Interscholastic Equestrian League
•  Propeller Head (filed pro se; mark failed to issue because USPTO had simply gotten the Internet wrong, way back when)

Miscellany / Other

•  Patent and trademark marking instructions for licensee’s software products and packaging
•  Valuation of Annual Licenses - cannabis cultivation and distribution (Los Angeles County, CA)
•  Copyright Analysis and Trademark Search - interactive TV game show and phone app
•  Cease & Desist - “bota bag” teeshirt design infringement of registered trademarks

Not looking for work these days, unless to negotiate rights for my memoirs and movie script.
Here is a 2-pg. Treatment of the script (PDF)
If as a condition precedent such rights are satisfactorily negotiated, I might be interested in working as a Technical Advisor for a film based on my works.

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