During 1998-2000 I worked as Web Administrator for SLUCare, The Physicians of Saint Louis University (a 400+ physician group network). In this challenging role, I integrated materials from MDs and all clinical departments for web publishing. Tools: SGI, Apache (virtual hosted on UNIX), HTML editor, browsers. I also designed and coded a new intranet, the i-net, an internal web (Windows NT, IIS, ASP) for the SLUCare administrative and clinical user base. In this role I helped develop initial i-net applications including various web/database apps and published web content from specs provided by the COO, Marketing, physicians, and medical department liasions. Tools: NT Server, IIS, Access, ASP, SQL, Adobe (PDF, FDF forms). Final work included development of the i-net, including optimization, and integration with (trial) IDX practice management system. I was invited to teach two CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses, Beginning & Advanced Web Design, for BIOCOMM 1999 (Phoenix, AZ) and 2000 (Rochester, MN), annual mtgs of BioCommunications Association and Association of Medical Illustrators.


This is what a typical home page looked like for the SLUCare site ca. 1999-2000. I was always given nice graphics from the Mktg. Dept. to put on the home page; they had a great illustrator working there at the time and I only had to break out Photoshop occasionally for images used on the i-net. Current site is at: SLUCare
(screenshot below)

old slucare home page


• below: screenshot of an old IDX screen

IDX screen


below: screenshot of old MD Access DB GUI (table construction)

Access (table construction)


below: screenshot of page 1, old credentialing form (Adobe FDF/PDF)

credentialing form


screenshot: old i-net home page, 1999 (fin-de-siècle, when it was tougher to make sites look similar on all browers)
spaghetti diagram I created for cross-browser compatibility (click on diagram to make the nightmare go away)

i-net home page

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